Free Healthy Aging Breakthough Session

The 50-minute conversation for men ready to OWN their aging. 

Who this session is for: 

  • You’re ready for the next adventure, and you want the body that will OWN IT!
  • You desire to participate FULLY in your life in this body, as long as you have it. You’ve always enjoyed being active in sports and life, and you don’t think that should change as you age. Guess what? It doesn’t have to! 
  • You understand that your thoughts and actions are directly correlated to your success, but you’ve fallen short of your goals as they relate to health and wellbeing. You know it. You’ve tasted success in so many areas of your life, and you just found the coach who can help get your health and your body back on track.
  • You want to know the secrets to healthy aging that are available to EVERYONE. Yes, even YOU! I’ll teach you how to make your body work FOR you, not against you. 

Who this session is not for: 

  • You’re not prepared to change. Let’s face can keep doing things the way you’ve always done them, and you can count on the same results. 
  • It hurts to admit that you don’t have all the answers - navigating the landscape of optimal health takes time, focus and energy. You’ve been allocating yours elsewhere, and that’s fine. That’s why I’m here; I’ve got your back. 
  • You “don’t have time” to focus on your health and wellbeing. You can make the time investment now, or face the loss of quality time (and loss of years of your life!) that comes with poor health habits.
  • You’re happy with who you see in the mirror; there’s nothing you want to change about your health; and you’re ready to accept the consequences of years of inattention to what matters most...your SELF.